eta College was established in 1983; it is proud of the outstanding sport, exercise and management programmes that are developed in line with world standards. eta graduates gain pertinent knowledge and skills essential to access, or create sensational careers as sport managers, sport coaches, event managers, personal trainers, conditioning coaches and exercise specialists.

Over the past few weeks, our marketing team has enthusiastically redesigned the eta website to showcase all the awesome programmes now on offer! The website has improved in speed, functionality and overall appeal.

Of particular importance are our Courses pages; each course is presented in an easy to read manner and gives you all the information you would need when making your decision to study at eta.

“Knowledge is power”. Each programme has been carefully designed to provide the necessary knowledge and skills needed to start a career in sport, exercise and management. Each upcoming course is listed in the upcoming events section (housed under Culture) with details of the venue, fees and course description.

The website showcases both modes of delivery, namely; contact and distance mode. Both have unique methods of offering and each cater for the individual. Finding the perfect programme and mode of delivery has never been easier! Each local and international campus has its own dedicated page to provide necessary information you might require when selecting a suitable campus.

Another feature is the Jobs board where job opportunities within the industry are listed.

This allows for industry stakeholders to advertise amazing jobs and for eta graduates to find work easily.

Want to learn more or just have something interesting to read, check out our blog posts housed under eight categories for ease of reference.

Lastly eta special projects handle the following business opportunities; learnerships, skills programmes, RPL and their involvement with Active Communities Network South Africa (NPO), Registration No.:124-308). eta College supports ACN SA with accredited skills programmes and has been enabling people to launch their careers in exercise, sport coaching and the business of sport since 1984.

So please, browse our new website!

Yours in fitness

Team eta