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Updated GolfWhile it may be every aspiring golfer’s dream to play on the professional tour, in reality these opportunities only present themselves to the gifted few.
However, the international golf industry has experienced steady growth over the past decade and today employs thousands of golf professionals.

In 2011 eta College took on the challenge of becoming an accredited provider of the National Diploma in Professional Golf. Once accredited by our accreditation body, eta College sought approval from The PGA of SA to present the National Diploma under their license.
Now 5 years on and eta College has formed partnerships with leading golf organisations to establish 4 golf academies across South Africa, bringing quality golf education to young sports men and women from all walks of life. Each partnership brings qualified PGA Professionals and all their golfing expertise to the eta College model.

Cape Town Campus | Gregg

southern african golf institute cape town academy

SA Golf Institute and eta College: Under Grant Hepburn, the Cape Town Campus is based at the River Club facility and is an established golf campus. 

Boland Campus | Abrie

swingfit performance academy

Pursue your dream of becoming a Tour player while equipping yourself with a 3 year PGA Diploma. The Swingfit Performance Academy is situated in the heart of Stellenbosch. Our PGA Professionals provides world-class golf tuition using the latest techniques and technology to help you be the best player you can be. On completion of the program you will also obtain a Diploma in Club Professional Golfing accredited by the PGA of South Africa and internationally recognized in over 40 countries.

Centurion Campus | Francois

golf management campus

Dale Hayes Golf Management Campus and eta College: Situated at the Zwartkop Golf Club in Pretoria, a combination of excellent facilities and knowledgeable teaching team (including Dennis Bruyns), provides a memorable learning experience

Namibia Campus | Herman & Jaco


Omeya Golf Club and eta College:

Namibia’s leading golf club links up with one of the world’s leading Sport and Fitness Colleges to offer the first National Diploma in Club Professional Golfing in Namibia.

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Career pathways:

  • Tour player
  • Teaching Professional
  • Club Manager
  • Golf Retail
  • Golf Entrepreneurship
  • Event/ Tournament Organisation
  • Golf Tourism
  • Tournament Official