eta Testimonials

Read the testimonials of previous students who have enjoyed their time at eta College below.

My Personal Trainer course with eta College was a very interesting and enlightening journey!

My tutor Aubrey Stout was almost as if he was present in person, always quick to reply my phone calls or emails, always willing to help clear confusion.

Also, I would like to commend eta Online for its teaching style, a repetitive system of which after completing a module we understand the reason for similar tasks, projects and tests. eta College is undoubtedly a top of class institution.

I appreciate all the support and empathy not just from my tutor but also from the administrative staff. An excellent choice made by choosing eta College.

Mary Garelli

eta College opened me up to a world of knowledge and opportunities that launched my soccer coaching career about 5 years ago. I found the academic structure and environment to be very simple yet established upon uncompromising standards acceptable all over the world, coupled with overwhelming support from team of college staffs and amazing students. Very outstanding about the college is the special treatment and consideration given to each students regardless of abilities, goals and racial background.

I am immensely grateful for the interesting and challenging experiences that has helped convert my passion to a lucrative career and I am enjoying my unique way of life as a sports man.

 I pledge to continue to grow as an ambassador of the college. 

Sincerely yours, Alexander

Hi Linda, Steve and Glennis,
The campus in Johannesburg is absolutely fantastic! I have just completed the pilates course.

My lecturer was Hannes and because of his knowledge, dedication and passion i have been inspired to further my studies and will be doing the nutrition course next year.

I found the campus to be extremely professional and very well run, there were no delays or hiccups throughout the course and although i found some of the theory to be a bit challenging – Hannes was always available to answer questions and help wherever he could. Hannes is a master at putting things into layman’s terms and his teaching style is relaxed and extremely professional.

I would like to thank both Hannes and Peter for such an enjoyable experience and mention that due to them, i now have a very small pilates studio and am teaching with complete confidence and thoroughly enjoying it!

Regards, Angela Van Niekerk

Hi my brother its Peter hope you still remember me, when you gave that (fitness course) to us as inmates you gave us a new meaning to life. Now I am working for one of da biggest company in da world, thats all thanx to you man. May da lord bless and keep you for generations to come. You are a God send…Peter out

Peter Thwane
Fitness Instructor
Potchefstroom Virgin Active

Dear Estelle

I have just completed my eta course and must say that I would never have expected distance learning to be so enjoyable.

Having said that, I could never have done it without the help from Shannette. There were times when I felt that I could not cope due to work pressure and wanted to give up, then I would get such positive feedback from Shannnette, that I felt guilty for wanting to quit. Well, here I am, all done, with a good offer from Virgin Active – and on my way to what I am really passionate at doing. Shannette is truly a gem.

Kind regards

Dear Sandile

On behalf of the South African Rugby Union, I want to extend my sincere thanks and gratitude to you and all the eta Students who assisted as volunteers with the staging of the IRB Junior World Championship 2012 in Stellenbosch and Cape Town. It was a huge challenge when the Venues had to be moved in a short period of time, but again with everyone’s support, we as South Africans showed the international arena that we can do it!

The JWC tournament attracted record crowds and was hailed as the best ever staged. The 2012 JWC edition raised the bar again for an event that is firmly established as an eagerly anticipated fixture on the annual global Rugby calendar, delivering a record 35,000 attendance for the final, an overall attendance figure of almost 90 000, a strong legacy programme and a new name on the trophy as South Africa became the first team to topple New Zealand since the Championship’s inception in 2008.
The Rugby fans of Western Cape truly embraced the tournament in the thousands. For the first time all 30 matches were televised live to a global audience of 240 million homes, making it the most successful JWC tournament ever staged.

Again my sincere thanks and gratitude to you and all the eta Students who assisted us during the Tournament. It was great working with them during this great venture.

Yours sincerely,

Massage for Sport and Fitness at eta Johannesburg

Doing the massage short course was the best decision I ever made. It has opened up so many opportunities for me, boosted my confidence, improved my people skills, allowed me to travel to places I had never been to, and you can earn lots of money too!

My first great experience was giving sports massages to Bowlers during the Tenpin Bowling World Cup. It was a fantastic opportunity to meet the top bowlers from 70 countries.

My next experience was an all-expenses paid trip to Cape Town with two teams of mountain bike riders as their sports masseuse. Although the hours were long and the massaging of all those tired, overused muscles was very strenuous, it was really worth it.

The highlight of my experiences so far has been the Tour de Tuli, a charity Mountain Bike ride to raise funds for Children in the Wilderness. This was an all-expenses paid trip to Botswana and Zimbabwe as part of a team of 10 masseuses. We all did an average of 18 twenty-minute massages per day for 4 days. In between massaging we saw a fair amount of wild life – there is nothing like massaging a client whilst elephant are walking past on the other side of the river bed!

I have also had the opportunity to work at smaller events like the Honda Trophy Mountain Bike Challenge and the Totalsports Ladies Race. Through the vast network of people you meet at these events, the job opportunities are endless and the different massage techniques learned are invaluable.

Who would have thought that flushing out metabolites could be such a great experience and so lucrative!

Kim Healey / SARU Tag Rugby® Tournament at UCT

Good morning Claudia and eta.

We would like to personally thank you all for making the effort to come to the SARU Tag Rugby® event yesterday.

Your help was really appreciated and we can really say that you assisted us immensely, especially when the heavens opened and dropped tons of water on you and your teams. The feedback we got from the teachers, coaches and few parents that were there was that the eta students were enthusiastic, motivated, polite and extremely helpful.

Well done to you all !!!

This is not only a credit to you all as individuals but to eta as an Institution. We will certainly be promoting eta wherever we can in the future.
We look forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship in the future. Should any of you like to get involved in what we are doing in the Sports arena please contact Jongi at our offices. We are always looking out for coaches and students to assist at events and activations.

Once again thank you all for your enthusiastic support.

Yours truly
Stuart McConnell, Jongi Mguga and the Tag Rugby® Team

Dear eta – Sandile, Jason and Sally

I just feel that I need to tell you guys how much knowledge I have gained from eta and the best part of it all is that I am able to implement it, tried and tested.

Now that I am taking a bit of a break and think about what I have learnt in the past year and a half, I now see what you guys have been telling us all along about the benefits of being a part of an organisation such as eta that is more practical based.

If I should weigh myself against my friends that have completed their sports management diploma, I totally out class them they don’t have a clue about organising an event or project and they don’t have the confidence to actually mentor somebody because maybe they haven’t been through the paces like we have at eta.

Really I want to applaud you guys on a job well done, and we the Sports Management Second year(yahhh!!!) students really appreciate  your effort, experience and work ethic that you put in us.


Experience and implementation rules!!!!!!

Good day eta team,
On behalf of the Shift Sport and Marketing team, we would like to thank you for all your support on Turbovite Jump City which took place on Sunday 10 March 2013.
Thank you for partnering with us and contributing to enriching the race with a unique quality that not only contributed to its success but will also encourage the participants to return. We were impressed with your work ethic, dedication and enthusiasm to ensuring the race went as planned.
We had outstanding feedback and were fortunate enough to have had the race aired on ENews Prime Time on Sunday as well as included in various other publications.
We look forward to strengthening our joint partnership for future events and would like to wish all the students the best of luck with their studies.

Kind regards,
Shift Sport and Marketing Team

Dear Mr Potgieter and Mr Manyakalle

Thank you very much for making the Bloemfontein eta Sports Management students available for the FS Cycling Development Race on 2 March 2013.

Students were allocated to turn around points, water points on the route, as well as the results table. They were able to gain some knowledge on the basics of setting up a cycling race and how results are manually calculated.

Their conduct was very professional during the morning and the FS Cycling community appreciates your institutions’ support for the sport.

Kind Regards,
Petrolene Le Roux
FS Road Bike Coordinator

My time as a sports management student has taught me a lot about the industry and has opened my eyes to new opportunities. We are continuously challenged in our studies and we learn so much because we are exposed to the industry and get to be involved in it.

The sports management students have volunteered at many events: running, cycling, swimming, soccer tournaments, mountain biking, basketball, adventure racing, corporate sports events and sports expos. These events have taught me so much – starting from the planning of the event , any permissions required to hold the events, sponsorship, to pre-event planning, volunteer management, medical procedures, setting up, to the actual implementation – contingency plans and how to effectively run an event. They also show us how to deal with the post event procedures.

We had to plan and host our own event in 1st year. This was amazing because we went into detail in lectures about every step of event planning.

In our second year we are running a full social responsibility project in a community to get their sports structures up and running effectively. We have had to host events, get sponsors, write up reports and press releases, organize workshops, start new sporting codes and even coach the children and host events. This has been amazing as we are constantly learning and experiencing what is expected of us in the sports world and we get to run the show for a year. We get to learn from our mistakes and correct them.

Our lecturers Hope, Sameerah and Godfrey are a huge part of what we are learning. They teach us the theory then introduce it practically by taking us to events and showing us the ropes. They are very active in the industry and have experience in the sports management industry, this helps when we are learning about various topics as they put in the extra effort to make us understand better.

Not only do we learn the theory behind sports management and what is expected of us as sports managers but we are exposed to the industry and get to work hand in hand with professionals in this field.

The big question is: Do I think I will be ready for the industry when I have completed my studies?

Most definitely, I believe when I have completed my studies I will be ready for the industry because I have had a lot of experience throughout my studies and have gone into detail of what is expected of us in the industry. The practical plays a big role in ensuring that we are ready to take on the real world as sports managers.

Kelly Murray


Having the opportunity to enroll for the first year Fitness Certificate Course allowed what was a fun and social discipline of fitness training to grow into a business, bringing me to start up my company as full time personal trainer, committing to our clients with excellence and dedication.
The skillful and experienced input from the eta facilitators allowed for growth in our own skills, and gave us someting to apply daily as we connected with clients.
Constant learning is needed, and starting with both a strong education­ and skill foundation does set you up for a better journey in building a worthy legacy through your passions.
Surround yourself with mentors who will share skill and wisdom, which is like what happens when we participate in a class setup at eta.
I am very grateful for the growth and impartation that happened during this course.

Thanks, ETA Joburg staff!
Alex Reichert